London based trio Sun Bloom make indie-rock with a twist. Side servings of pop and surf music mean there’s something for everyone to throw a beer around to. Putting on fiery, energetic live shows at venues like Notting Hill Arts Club and The Islington, the band have earned their reviews: "Eager faces were chomping at the bit for opener Sun Bloom’s uplifting set. Jangly guitar melodies, upbeat drums and solid bass lines are the driving force behind their sound... their poignant harmonies meshing with solid guitar riffs certainly go down a treat". The band will be releasing their debut EP on August 23rd 2019. Catch them live on August 26th at The Old Queen's Head, Islington.


Viv (Guitar) and Poppy (Bass) did not make for a musical match when they met at college at 17. Viv was a folky singer-songwriter/wannabe contemporary dancer (very deluded), Poppy- a DJ & electronic music producer who wouldn't be caught dead in a leotard. Teenage differences aside, and many music projects later, Sun Bloom is now their shared love of noisy, guitar-pop music - made for dancing around sticky floored venues in Winter, and sandy beach parties in Summer. While waiting for their next release, you can watch the band’s homemade videos of their first 2 singles on YouTube, or stream them on Soundcloud. Find them on Insta for all the visual thrills.